Concurrent User Session with Windows 7 SP1

OK, I just updated my only Windows 7 desktop at home to SP1.  This computer is mainly serving as a remote desktop just in case I need to grab something from home or I have a program that I must need to run on Windows.

I set up the computer with concurrent user session enable thanks to MissingRemote’s script. However, ever since I applied SP1 to Windows 7, I have to kick off other users so that I can log in.  That means, the script is no longer working.

Thanks to, a new version of the patch is out and you can find it at . The installation is fairly straight forward, and it’s provided on the web page:


1. First, Download the file attached below (you will need to be registered and logged in.

2. Once downloaded, extract the files into a directory (for the purposes of this guide, it will be assumed that the files have been extracted to the folder C:\Win7RDP )

3. Open Windows Explorer to the above folder

4. Right Click on “install.cmd” and select “Run as Administrator”

5. Wait for the script to run entirely. At the end, you should see something similar to the below…

Alright, if you need this “extra feature” working, go grab a copy of the script and install it.  Just in case the link won’t work, I will put one copy on my blog, but I take absolutely no credits nor liability for this script.

Alternate Direct Download Link


  1. this one really works :-D

  2. Its not working for me. I have Win7 x64 6.1.7600 (SP1), any ideas or updated patch?

  3. It works!

    Used it to my Windows 7 used as a Media Server

  4. Works for me, thank you!

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