How-to: Set Up Parked Domain on Netfirms for Google Adsense

A friend of mine asked me if he could use Google Adsense without purchasing a hosting plan; the answer was obviously “yes” because Google has prepared Adsense for parked domains. In this post, general domain registration with Netfirms and Google Adsense are not taking into consideration; I am writing because Netfirms is not one of the “Common Domain Registrar” listed by Google and some of the setting might get tricky.

OK, first let’s take a look at what Google offers for the Adsense:

General speaking, Google Ads for Content, Search and Feeds are for people who has web pages or sites in where the advertisements to be displayed while Adsense for Mobile Content are for high end smart phones like Apple iPhone, either within web pages or applications. If cases like my friend who would like to register a domain but didn’t want to purchase a hosting plan, our option is to park the unused domain (domain without content) to Google Adsense for Domain.

In order to accomplish the job, we have two steps to do.

1. Add domain to Google Adsense

The instruction is quite clear HERE. Basically you just fill in the form with your target domain and add:

When you are done, you will see a form like this:

One thing you need to copy down is the CNAME, we are going to use it in just a moment.

2. Set up domains A Record and CNAME in Netfirms

If your domain registrar is GoDaddy or whatever listed it HERE, you can easily follow the instruction to set up Google Adsense for Domains.

Obvious Netfirms is not one of them and most of my domains are with Netfirms just simply because they have lower price than others and domain privacy is free.

Once your domain is registered with Netfirms, you can log into the control panel. In this post, I will use as my example.

2a). Navigate to “Domain Manger” and unfold the menu of your domain, you should check “A Record” under “Source“:

Type in the A (address) into the 4 boxes.

2b). Then we will need to set up the CNAME, this is the tricky part that I initially didn’t get.

Upon your domain list, you should see an “Add” button; usually you should see the following box when you click it:

We are not going to add a new domain, instead we are going to add a sub-domain (the 3rd tab):

Fill out the form exactly like what I did, just two things you will have to be careful:

  1. The “Host Name” value is your own CNAME value obtain in the end of Step 1;
  2. In Step 1, Google gives you the CNAME value like this ““, but the “.” at the end will give you error when you key it into “Host Name”; so we are just going to take it off as “” and it will do.

When you complete the steps, technically you are done. You should wait for about an hour or so before all the changes take in effect. When Google successfully detects your domain is linked to Adsense, you can go ahead and set up the color and keywords for this domain:

Post Notes:

I must say that Google Adsense for domains, comparing to Google Adsense for Content, is not very effective unless you already have a domain with high traffic. If you just want to start Google Adsense with a newly registered domain, maybe it’s better to use Google Adsense for content even if you have one page of simple HTML file that you can do a bunch of stuffs with, especially registrars like Netfirms provides enough space for a simple HTML site. However, if you have a domain with no use, I don’t see why not park it to Google Adsense for Domains.



  1. how to setup google adsense domain for bluehost?
    pls help me.

    • Hi lebinh, I don’t think you can use Bluehost to create CNAME record for your domain. Since Bluehost is not a domain registrar (even though they provide free domain for life service, they use third party domain registrar), you will need to contact the domain registrar through bluehost to add your CNAME. However, I suggest you to host your domain with domain registrars on your own instead of doing that through hosting providers so that you have more controls over your own domains.

  2. Thank you Rockia for a good job with your post. I had been on this for a while before i get in touch with the article on your site.

    I was able to parked my domains: and and i was amazed with the ease with which i created them.

    Once again, i thank you a lot.

    Let me ask you a critical question. How can i promote these sites by driving traffic to them or i should just leave them like that? I am very sure that you will give me answers to my bugging questions.

    • Hi Akinola, thanks very much for your comment and feedback. It’s really courageous to see my post could help out others.

      As for your question, frankly speaking, once your parked your domains, you seldom have control over the content displayed on it. By saying that, I mean you won’t be able to use any SEO techniques on the website (like meta keywords, title rewrite, URL rewrite, etc.) to draw more traffic off search engines. The most effective way to do is getting your parked domains as many external links as possible to increase the ranking as well as the traffic.

      I have to admit that I am not professional at this but I hope you feel the little tips is useful.

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