Customize Your Email Name with Service from Microsoft and Google

Microsoft-Live-Admin-and-Google-AppsEmail is one of the essential tools you must have nowadays, and your own email name is like your personal identification online; a good (the shorter the better) email name will definitely impress others. Let’s take a comparison, is it more likely for you to memorize easily or However, it’s sad to say, good email names are pretty much gone, from public free email service like Hotmail, Gamil, Yahoo and etc.. Well, how about registering your own domain name and link it up with Microsoft or Google email? In this case, you will have a unique email sub-fix like while you can use ANY name you want, for example, . Isn’t that cool? In this post, I will mostly spend time on comparing the pros and cons of this service provided from Microsoft and Google. If you would like to sign up for either one of the service, they have very detail guide on their official sites. So check it out. :P

Microsoft Live Admin Google Apps (Standard)
Sign up:
Domain cost(if you don’t already have a domain): US$5.95–$9.99/Year US $10/Year
Maximum account number: 500

(You can have more accounts for free via contacting support to make this request.)


(Unlimited if upgraded to Premier Edition, but subject to $50/User/Year.)

Email Storage 5GB/account 7+GB/account (still increasing)
Web access Yes Yes
Ajax Experience IE only Great
Address book Yes Yes
Site hosting MSN Space Google Sites
Instant Messenging Live Messenger Google Talk
Online document processing Not available Google Docs
Open Membership Yes Not available
POP3 Yes Yes
IMAP Not available Yes
Multiple Administrators Only one admin account (which is the one you sign up with, and the email address is not from the domain) You can assign any account in your domain as an admin
Group email Not available Yes
Native Desktop Software Microsoft Live Messenger


Google Microsoft Windows Desktop
Advanced Tool SDK (Software Development Kit)

Download @ MSDN

Google AppsEmail Migration API

(Not available to Standard Edition)

User Experience With Microsoft Live Admin Center, you could have one of the longest email service linked to your own domain. Over the past 10 years, Hotmail service was enhanced a couple time to ensure the security and style is up to today’s standard. Google mail is only about 10 years old, but it definitely know what is user experience. It provides lots of “experimental” Google Labs features to enhance the experience of the users. You could include your photos from Pisaca, videos from Youtube and lots other embedded elements in your email while you can just drag and drop your emails from folder to folder.


4.0/5 4.5/5

Post Note:

Honestly speaking, both Microsoft and Google provide very good email services and it’s hard to tell which one is 100% better than the other one as they are quite similar in most of the aspects. For Microsoft Live Admin service, users will enjoy their 500 free accounts, which is 10 times of Google Apps could provide, and their customized sign up module which you can let other users to sign up for your special email domain name. However, I do need to rate Google Apps higher than Microsoft Live Admin because GMail as well as Google Apps support IMAP, which I need to highlight this point, because it’s not easy to move your email platform from web onto others like iPhone; especially more and more people are using smart phones instead of computers to handle their emails. If choosing form Microsoft Live Admin or Google Apps, we, as the administrators, should really think of the future as we dependent more on the customized domain name email service.

**If you found any mistakes in my post, please point it out for me and I will correct it. :D **

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