Hide/Show your system disk icon on Snow Leopard

If you upgrade your Leopard to Snow Leopard, you probably won’t notice anything difference on your desktop; but if you did a clean installation using a retail Snow Leopard copy like I did. The default desktop you will see is like this:

Snow Leopard default desktop after clean installation

Snow Leopard default desktop after clean installation

You will probably question yourself, where is the Macintosh HD icon? Well, no panic, it’s still there, just Snow Leopard hide it for you to give you a neater desktop. You can follow my quick tip here to get it back.

  1. Click on your desktop, and then choose from the menu bar, “Finder”->”Preference”, or “Command”+”,” after you click on your desktopFinderPreference
  2. Then you will see the option right away and I am sure you know what to do, just check the “Hard Disks” option.Setting

Hope this little tip is helpful to you. :D

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  1. Alwyn Seeds Reply to Alwyn

    Thanks. I wish Apple would write as clearly.

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